“This past May, the Grove String Quartet was awarded a Medici Scholarship from the Fred Fox School of Music at the University of Arizona. Our goal was to figure out a way to continue making music together while still sharing the fruits of our labor with people who might be in isolation during the pandemic.

Today, we are excited to be able to finally share this project with you in two parts:

The first, our full performance video of “Mishima” by Philip Glass, a deceivingly difficult piece in its own right, with its complexities magnified by challenges we faced from our separation.

The second, a compilation video explaining the process we went through to try and figure out how to play as a quartet while separated by more than 2000 miles across the United States, detailing the musical, structural, and technical aspects required to produce content like we did.

We hope these videos can shed some light on how to continue making music with other people who seem out of reach, and provide our audience with enjoyment and inspiration through music making. We welcome any comments or questions regarding the process and would love to share tips and tricks on how to make something like this yourself!

We are thankful to our mentor, Tim Kantor, who continues to guide us through challenges big and small in the world of chamber music and beyond.”

To a brighter tomorrow,

Grove String Quartet

“Mishima” performed by GSQ: https://youtu.be/P7kXgV4vQag

Quartet in Quarantine: https://youtu.be/vPyl-_KsMHw