Keys and Lockers


Use of keys from the Fred Fox School of Music is a privilege granted to you by the UA to aid in your education, and we need your assistance in keeping the school secure. Therefore, we expect the following:

  1. The key is only for your use. Do not loan or give it to anyone else for any reason.
  2. Keep your key card with you at all times; it is your authorization to have and use the keys.
  3. Turn the key in when you longer need it. Report lost or stolen keys immediately!

Failure to turn in keys when requested or due will result in a fine of $50 per key. Such an encumbrance could keep you from receiving your diploma or official transcripts.

Room keys can be requested online at Please make sure to fill the form out completely and select your major professor.  All key requests must be approved by your major professor. Allow one week for your paperwork to be processed. Pickup completed form in Music 109 and proceed to the University Key Desk at 1533 E. Helen, 520-621-1612. You must pick up your paperwork from the Music Office and take it to the Key Desk within 30 days of the date on the form. After that time, the form is invalid and will not be accepted at the Key Desk. You must show a current CatCard to pick up keys.

Please Note: The use of a practice room in the Fred Fox School of Music is a privilege granted by The University of Arizona for educational purposes. You may not use any part of the Music Building (practice rooms, classrooms, studios, rehearsal rooms, etc.) for the purpose of giving music lessons or instruction for pay. Anyone violating this policy will be subject to Disciplinary Action.


Sign up for lockers at A limited number of lockers are available and are assigned in priority order as follows:

  1. Music majors and minors;
  2. Non music majors enrolled in band, orchestra or other performing groups requiring a place for instrument/ material storage;
  3. All others (such as those taking Class Guitar).

Lockers and locks assigned to you through the Fred Fox School of Music must be vacated one week after the end of the Spring semester unless they have been renewed for the upcoming semester. Any student who does not return locks or empty his/her locker by the due date will have their locker contents removed and the locker reassigned. 

Please Note: Instruments are stored at the owner's risk. The Fred Fox School of Music strongly suggests that students carry their own insurance against any loss. The university does not carry insurance for personal instruments and will not be held liable for damage or theft from lockers or storage rooms.